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Source accommodates diverse climatic, geographic, water policy and governance settings for both Australian and international climatic conditions. At eWater, we aim to deliver training built around a framework of accomplishing your specific modelling objectives. Packages will include elements of problem exploration, best practice modelling and case studies as well as relevant functionality of the eWater software suite. 

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Online Classroom

Source Blended-Learning Training Modules

Source blended-learning training modules offer you the flexibility of online learning with the benefits of real-time expert support. Blended-learning modules can be completed by themselves or can complement our face-to-face Source training workshops.

Face-to-Face Training Courses

Customising eWater Source

This three-day course demonstrates how to customise Source through the development of plugins. Participants are introduced to eWater’s software development process, and through hands-on exercises develop an understanding of how TIME libraries can be used to support plugin development.

Creating Water System Planning Models with eWater Source

This two-day course introduces the basic concepts of creating a node-link style river system planning model using Source, including data preparation and configuring inflows, links, storages and water users.

Advanced Water Management with eWater Source

This two-day course explores advanced topics such as: applying rules-based orders to a river management system, introduction to water resource assessment within a river basin model, application of water restrictions, and exploring trade-offs between customised objective functions using eWater optimisation tools. 

Building a Calibrated Rainfall-Runoff Model with eWater Source

This two-day course investigates working with spatial data as an input to define catchments, preparing and loading time series data, setting up rainfall-runoff models and calibration techniques within Source using automatic calibration tools.

Modelling Groundwater with eWater Source

This two-day course introduces the groundwater modelling capabilities in Source. Participants learn semi-analytical and numerical surface-groundwater exchange modelling approaches, including how they can be configured and the benefits of each.

Advanced Calibration Methods with eWater Source

This one-day course shows you different approaches to calibrating Source rainfall runoff and planning models.

Advanced Demand Modelling with eWater Source

This one-day course explores the various methods available for demand modelling in Source.

Source Refresher

This one-day course introduces the user to new Source functionality designed to improve your modelling experience and better represent your system, particularly when modelling complex conditions or large systems.

Introduction to Results Manager

This one-day course introduces you to the new Source Results Manager. The Results Manager allows you to examine and analyse scenario results in Source.


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