Creating Water System Planning Models with eWater Source


This two-day course introduces the basic concepts of creating a node-link style river system planning model using Source, including configuring inflows, links, storages and water users.

You will be taken through how planning models are typically constructed and used in Source to address complex water system management problems. You'll also have an opportunity to discuss your proposed applications of Source models and gain valuable feedback from eWater's hydrologists.

Finally, we will introduce Source customisation capabilities, optimisation and trade-off approaches.

Course outline

Day 1

  • Source overview including:
    • What are planning models?
    • What is the Source modelling platform?
    • How has Source been developed and used in Australia, and where else are we now applying it?
  • Introduction to the Source GUI.
  • Introduction to functions, splitters and confluences.
  • Hands-on tutorials:
    • Building a simple source model.
    • Configuring the storage node and minimum flows.
    • Configuring a supply point and water user.

Day 2

  • Hands-on tutorials: 
    • Urban Simple Demand.
    • Climate Dependent Demand.
    • Water Restrictions.
    • Irrigator demand model.
    • Multi-objective optimisation using Insight.
  • Update on Source developments.

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Who should attend

This training is aimed at professionals (e.g. engineering and environmental) in local government, consultancies, waterway agencies and research organisations. It should be of particular interest for consultancies hoping to work for the key state and federal jurisdictions in the process of implementing Source as the National Hydrological Modelling Platform.

Hydrological modellers interested in creating base river planning models from which to explore the effects of various water sharing plan rules, and climatic, infrastructure and operating condition changes in their systems will benefit most from this course.  

Why you should attend:

  • Address complex problems with modelling water system management
  • An opportunity to learn from leading water system planning practitioners
  • Network and trade ideas with other water system modellers.

Lead Trainers

Dr Geoffrey Adams
Executive Manager Source and Toolkit

What’s included?

  • Training materials containing: user manual (online and downloadable), presentation notes and worked examples in the online eWater community
  • Meals (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea)
  • Use of required Source software for the duration of the course (public version always free from 
  • Computer lab with dual monitor for each participant

Locations, dates & registration

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Additional training

Introductory webcast:

To help you get more out of Source for your modelling projects, we also offer customised courses. Please send us an enquiry.

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