Concepts and Modelling of Water Sensitive Urban Design

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Date & Venue

China National Convention Center, Beijing, China.
Sunday, 26 June 2016, 8:30 am – 12:00 pm

This workshop will be run as part of the 2016 International Low Impact Development Conference.


This workshop aims to provide participants with the skills to understand WSUD/IWCM concepts and practices. During the course, a wide range of discussions will be held on best practice modelling approaches using MUSIC by eWater. MUSIC is designed to help urban water professionals visualise, analyse and assess different strategies for improving urban stormwater hydrology and pollution impacts. The workshop will focus on the practical aspects of developing a WSUD/IWCM model to achieve the optimal outcomes while ensuring best practice guidelines are followed. Introduction to the various WSUD/IWCM devices will be given, and the worked exercises will focus on the application of these devices within a treatment train. Building on participant’s understanding of the physical, chemical and biological processes taking place in urban stormwater treatment systems, the workshop will also cover the theories adopted to model these processes. The challenges and the formulation of treatment train strategies will be discussed along with Australian case studies.


Dr Ashis Dey
Executive Manager eWater Software Products


Workshop Fee: $100

Workshop trainees are welcome to attend the conference General Assembly (does not include conference registration).

Closes 15 June 2016

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