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Managing Sediment Sources and Movement in Forests: The Forest Industry and Water Quality

Jacky Croke, Peter Wallbrink, Peter Fogarty, Peter Hairsine, Simon Mockler

Publication Type:

Industry Report
This is a publication of the current CRC for Catchment Hydrology

CRC Program:

Predicting Catchment Behaviour

Publication Keywords:

Pollution Sources
Water Pollution Control
Water Quality (Natural Waters)
Tracers (Radioactive)
Roads and Streets
Best Practice

Abstract / Summary:

This Industry Report is one of a series prepared by the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Catchment Hydrology to help provide agencies and consultants in the Australian land and water industry with improved ways of managing catchments. Since we published our first CRC industry report in 1997, the response has been overwhelming. It is clear that land and water managers appreciate material written specifically for them.

Through this series of reports and other forms of technology transfer, industry is able to benefit from the Centre
s high-quality, comprehensive research on salinity, forest hydrology, waterway management, urban hydrology and flood hydrology. Publication of new CRC industry reports is usually accompanied by a series of industry seminars, which further assist in the assimilation of the material.

This particular Report presents key findings from Project FO1 in the CRC
s foresty research program entitled,
Sediment sources and movement in forestry environments

The CRC welcomes feedback on the work reported here, and is keen to discuss opportunities for further collaboration with industry to expedite the process of getting these research outcomes into practice.

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