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Calibrations of the AWBM for Use on Ungauged Catchments

Walter Boughton Francis Chiew

Publication Type:

Technical Report
This is a publication of the current CRC for Catchment Hydrology

CRC Program:

Climate Variability

Publication Keywords:

Modelling (Hydrological)
Rainfall-Runoff Relationship
Catchment Areas
Water Balance
Precipitation (Atmospheric)
Data Handling
Flow Measurement

Abstract / Summary:

This report presents an approach for using the daily rainfall-runoff model, AWBM, to estimate runoff in ungauged catchments.

The report describes computer programs that can be used to optimise three key parameters in AWBM against runoff data from gauged catchments, and provides calibrated parameter values and catchment characteristics for 221 Australian catchments. The report then recommends an approach for using the calibrated parameter values in these and other catchments to guide the choice of AWBM parameter values for use in ungauged catchments.

This study relates to two current runoff estimation studies in the CRC for Catchment Hydrology. The first study, which is carried out as part of Project 5A ' Hydrological modelling for weather forecasting', involves the development of a regional model calibration approach for hydrologically similar regions and the estimation of parameter values for the daily rainfall-runoff model, SIMHYD. The second study, which is carried out as Project 2E, 'Modulating daily flow duration curves to reflect the impact of land use change' involves the development of an approach for deriving daily flow duration curves for Australian catchments, particularly to model the runoff response to changes in land use.

Dr Francis Chiew
Climate Variability Program Leader

This report is now available for purchase from the Centre Office and can be downloaded below.

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